This Page is Dedicated to Miss June She entered Heaven on August 10, 2012 to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Our Prayer Requests

Praise and Worship our God


Please join Brother Doc as he prays for the following:


Continue to pray for all those who suffer from homelessness and poverty here in America and around the world as they are God’s people also.


Continue in prayer for all our Christian brothers and sisters in our prison system. That they are able to be beacons of light for Christ in a place of darkness where evil prevails in all facets of a prison. That God is able to supplies our Fellow Christian the words to say to reach the lost sheep within the walls and bring them to Christ.


Keep in your prayers all of those whom have been discharged and are now back into the ways of the world and have chosen to continue their walk with Christ. That Christ’s Light never fades and continues to shine their path. That they find the church God has planned for them as this is an important part of their walk with Christ. That they are able to hear the Holy Spirit speak to them and will continue to guide their path.


Pray for the families of our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated and are not able to see or have contact with family members. That God will open their hearts and place mercy and forgiveness in the brokenness of whatever have caused the separation.


Pray for Glad Tidings Church, Quincy, MA where I attend to worship and hear the word of God being spoken from the Holy Bible. That God will lead his people to a larger building so we can expand and bring more glory to God in building His church by people loving people through the Word of God.


Let’s all pray together, for divine resources in our Pen Pals for Jesus Ministry as I feel that God is saying we need to move forward and pair everyone with a Christian Pen Pal that request one. I know we have many whom have been waiting a long time. I have faith that God has a plan and has started to open some doors so that the ministry can spread out to other churches and groups to fulfill our mission to match every pen pal with a Christian brother or sister to build the Kingdom of God through letters of encouragement and hope to those who seek God in their lives.


Join us in prayer for our 2015 Christmas Card Outreach for inmates. We officially kicked off our campaign on Friday September 25th with the hope of more churches and individuals getting involved this year. Our goal is that we will be able to send out more Card this year to not only our brother & sister’s in prison but to shut-ins and inmates families. 


Join me as I pray for the partnership and open opportunities that have been placed in my path over the last few months with other Christian setting up working relationships with God servants being placed before me as I walk in Christ.


Pray with me as our partnership with Genesis Community Church moves into the journey with Pen Pals for Jesus with the new Christian pen pal writers from Genesis that God opens the hearts of more individuals.


Keep me in your prayers as I continue to run the race that has been laid out for me by God as I stay focus on Christ during this time of growth here at the ministry. That God continues to speak to me and I’m able to hear him clearly, so I can be obedient to his plans that he has for me and this ministry. That my faith never dwindle and my humbleness to serve God never fade away so that people can see my faith by my obedience to God in everything I do. 


Pray for this country and all its leaders as we are instructed to do in the Word of God. That God can once again be a major part of our daily affairs and bring us all together as one nation under God.


I would like to thank all who have been praying with us.


Praise report


Praise God for sending the Holy Spirit to guide me over the past 3½ years. Directing me to many places that I would not have gone to in my former self “this ministry” for one. Also  for the many gifts and blessings that he has bestowed upon me over these past years as I worked to build His Kingdom one person at a time through his ministry. For leading me to resources and allowing me to share my testimony to Godly men and women in ministry many of them pastors and church leaders.


In His Grace




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We are an all-volunteer faith based ministry which depends on donations, so we can be able to continue to help the lost and forgotten brothers and sisters who are so desperately trying to get back on their feet.


We have so many individuals seeking our assistance who are working very hard to fulfill their daily needs. Together we can make a deference in somebody’s life.


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God bless you!

Brother Doc

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